Herd Info @ J&M Hideaway Farm


While we are not organic, we attempt to raise our goats in a sustainable and natural manner. We practice rotational grazing as part of a holisitic approach to parasite management. Our herd is TB, Brucellosis and CAE test negative as of August 2013. We culture all does in milk twice during their lactation and remain mycoplasma free. Our initial herd was tested negative for Johnes and CL. We are very careful in the Farm we purchase from and remain abscess and Johnes free. Our kids are dam raised as we feel this gives them a natural, healthy start to life. All does are tested for CAE twice yearly, including a test within one month of kidding. We are very selective in our use of drugs and try to only use when absolutely necessary. We look forward to adding ADGA performance programs to our program in the near future.

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Herd Info

“Our herd consists quality single breed Nubian does and sires that are primarily homegrown rather than bought. Our focus is on raising our goats in a natural and sustainable manner.”

For Sale

“We list all active farm, creamery, and goat inventory for sale within. We are also taking reservations for 2014 kids as we finalize our breeding plans. ”


“We had so much fun and the children worked very hard. As a result, we started a Dairy Goat 4-H club in January of 2013. This year we have had 9 children participate in our club. ”